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So, I started playing guitar just after high school. Seventeen and a half. I'd been singing since freshman year, in a rock band, and then adding the bass guitar the next. Why did I have to play guitar? Well, after seeing two of the most legendary guitarists in rock history, in the same three band show, I had to learn to play the damn thing! Can't remember the opening act that night but will never forget, "Duane Allman" with "The Allman Brothers Band", then "Alvin Lee" with "Ten Years After" headlining the night. You know, he say, he say, he say, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I never forgot about singing after picking up guitar, so I always try to sing and play. Living in Detroit(where I was born), then Chicago for a year, I said "California, here I come!" I learned how to play guitar in Los Angeles(Hollywood), while working the midnight shift at a hotel front desk. After a couple years, played a few gigs, and had fun. I moved to Las Vegas and had a great trio of guitar, keyboard, and drums, but not enough local gigs. After a while I decided to get close to family and moved to Atlanta. My older sister lived there and the rest of my family were mostly in Florida, not too awfully far away. Played with few bands before ending up in a backup band for "Angela Bowie"(David Bowie's first wife), the one "The Rolling Stone's" sang about in the hit single "Angie". That was a gas until after we fell out.  She left us and we continued the house gig we had at the "Roadhouse" in Decatur. We had a good time a for bit and then, you guessed it, the band broke up. After several other bands, and a few more gigs, I decided to go it alone and develop a solo acoustic act. I'm having a lot of fun with my current project, and love to play all the old and new songs I've learned. I also have a good bunch of originals and hope to see you soon!